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Guangdong Hongyi Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd


Zhongshan Hongyi Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd., located in Nantou Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, is a professional manufacturer specializing in R&D and manufacturing of refrigeration equipment automation equipment. The company is committed to giving full play to its own scientific research strength and technological innovation capabilities, and continuously promote its own process technology Process of industrialization, thereby realizing the corporate vision of safe production, quality assurance, and efficiency. The company has grown from scratch, from small to large, and has formed a virtuous circle from development to products, from products to markets, and then from markets to development.

The company has a group of united, pragmatic, efficient, innovative and strong pioneering technical personnel, and a sound management system. It has accumulated rich experience in the research, development and application of refrigeration equipment to ensure that customers are provided with products and excellent products that meet the requirements. Service, and ultimately committed to making itself an excellent equipment manufacturer and service provider in the refrigeration industry.

Company Profile
Company Profile

Our core team: The mechanical aspect is composed of more than 20 years of refrigeration industry equipment design engineers and graduates from mechanical professional colleges, and the electrical and automation control aspects are composed of senior electrical engineers in electrical transmission and automation. The formation of the team takes into account the three generations of old, middle-aged and young. It has both mature theoretical and practical foundation, divergent thinking and vigorous vitality, both a stable team core and goal concept, and detailed division of labor and cooperation. We insist on the combination of theory and practice to transform design into products, so that our customers can enjoy more innovative and stable equipment services, which is also a reflection of our own value.

       Our goal is to replace labor with machines. Maturity, stability, efficiency, reliability, and energy saving are the core tenets of our manufacturing equipment and our tireless goal. At present, the automatic tube riser made by our company has been widely recognized by users. With the application of innovative technologies, the standardized production of products, and the application of clients, we all have standard operating procedures and codes of conduct, which require that the products that we get in front of our customers are perfect, perfect, complete, and fully meet the process requirements. Strict and standardized management has laid a solid foundation for our healthy growth.

       Zhongshan Hongyi Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. is willing to go hand in hand with our customers for mutual benefit and win-win results. We also hope that you can witness our growth and the growth and progress of China's equipment manufacturing industry.

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Guangdong Hongyi

Zhongshan Hongyi Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. is willing to go hand in hand with our customers for mutual benefit and win-win results. 

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